Troubleshooting your GIS

Unit stuck on "System Test Please Wait..."

If your unit is stuck on "System Test Please Wait..." the first thing you need to do is reset to factory defaults.

If after reseting your unit, it still does not work, please contact us, as the unit will need to be sent back for repairs.

Unit does not have access to the Internet

The GIS units will run a number of checks for potentially quite some time to determine if the Internet connection is stable enough to return, to avoid complaints from your guests having issues with internet connection, but no error from the GIS unit.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Check Internet access with your router
  2. Check that your router is plugged to the WAN port of your GIS unit
  3. On the System Preferences page of the admin interface, check if you are gettin an IP on the WAN port

If you are having continued issues with this, please contact us, so we can look further into the issue.

I can't get to the admin interface

First check you are connected directly to the unit via ethernet (this is preferable for troubleshooting), then visit

If this fails, check you are getting an IP from the unit. If so, please visit the GIS unit's LAN IP address manually (by default on LAN1 this is

If not, please reboot the unit and check all connections.

If the issue persists, attempt a factory reset.

If you are still having problems, please contact us.

Users cannot see login page

Check if the user is actually connected to the unit and check they see the login page when manually visiting

Redirection is a problem when the users home page is encrypted (https) which is becoming increasingly common.

If an attempt is made to redirect an encrypted connection then the browser will show a message that the computer is being hacked, or similar. Redirection of an encrypted connection is called a 'man-in-the-middle' attack.

For this reason if the user tries to establish a https connection behind the login page then we do not respond, in the hope that the user will try a http connection.

Please instruct your guests to use an HTTP or you could advice to go to

Most modern devices will open a browser by default when recognising connection behind a captive portal and open their default browser or mini-browser at a http page, to allow for redirection. This will be the case for most users.

Only one concurrent user can connect to the internet

When only one user can be logged in at any one time, so each user will get internet access, but will be dropped as soon as another connects. Most admins would not notice this, and would instead see that users can log in for a short period of time, and are then logged out.

This means that your Access Point is not set on bridge mode, so all the users are getting the same IP address. Therefore only one user can get access.

We have set a few examples on how to setup your Access Point correctly in bridge mode, to read more, please click here

This could also be the issue if users are seeing the "There was an error" generic message.