Monitoring & Alerting

The purpose of the monitoring and alerting feature is to advise you that a wireless access point or other device connected to the LAN port has failed.

The GIS gateway can be set to periodically ‘ping’ each device in the device list.

If a device does not respond then a second attempt is made to ‘ping’ the device. If the device does not respond after two attempts then a message is sent out using the previously configured email.

The email message has a subject line and content derived from the device name entered when configuring monitoring and alerting as follows:

Subject: AP Lounge on the GIS-R2 is DOWN
Device 'AP Lounge on the GIS-R2' with MAC address '00-80-48-50-93-3a' attached to Hotspot ID 000000000 stopped responding at 2011-05-28 16:19:51 EDT

A similar message is also sent out if the device comes back on line.

The monitoring and alerting configuration screen is shown below: