Login Settings

Login Page Settings Login Page Type: Choose the type of login to be offered to your guests.

Business Web site or Facebook page: This is the Web site URL of the business providing Internet service. When Social media login is selected this box should contain the URL of the business Facebook page.

Force the user to visit this website after login: By checking this box you can force the user visit to your website after logging in.

Enable Timer window: Checking this box will enable the pop-up timer window that the user sees after completion of the login process.

Clear MAC at logout: By default an access code can only be used with one computer. By checking this box the access code can be used on many computers,tablets and smart-phones sequentially, but not concurrently.

Inactivity logout time: This is a timer (shown in minutes) after which a user will be logged out when the user has stopped using the Internet. This feature releases resources so that more people can use the Internet service. Note that most computers have tasks that constantly connect to the Internet even when the computer is not being used. The inactivity logout time will therefore be effective when the computer is put into sleep mode or switched off.

Default login time: This timer (in minutes) is normally set to zero: zero means 24h.This timer will disconnect the user after the time specified.

Authentication type: When computers are authenticated the default method is to associate both the IP address and the MAC address of the computer with the access code. In some cases it is desired to authenticate the user by IP address only (a) when it is desired to permit the user to used one access code with several devices (not simultaneously), and (b) when a wireless distribution network has been configured for guest access, however WDS is not activated for point to point links for whatever reason (in this case the MAC address is the wireless access point, not the users computer).

XBox auto login: Standard configuration XBox gaming products do not have a browser and therefore cannot log in to the network like a computer can. Checking this box will permit XBox products to be detected and allow them to bypass the login page and connect directly to the Internet. The firewall rules apply to the XBox however.

Custom Login Page Settings: The login page is used to display a login box to customers before they are allowed to use the internet, you can learn how to customise your login page here.