Usage Reports

Usage reports displays and stores the last 10,000 entries.

The number of users per day is shown on the top graph that can extend up to 28 days in duration. Usage Reports The data table has seven parameters for each entry: Login time;
MAC address;
Access code used;
Time connected;
Downloaded data volume;
Uploaded data volume;
Logout reasons.

The usage data can be downloaded in a CSV format and loaded into a spreadsheet program for further analysis.

Logout Reasons

Logout Reason
- Unknown logout reason
User User logged out (logout button)
Time Up Login time expired
Inactivity User disconnected from the network or turned computer off
Forced User was logged out by admin on connected users page or settings were changed
Banned User was banned by admin from connected users page
Disabled Hotspot entered disabled mode (see hotspot availability schedule)
Banned/P2P User was blocked for using Peer-to-peer software
Duplicate There was a duplicate MAC address or IP address on the network
Reboot The hotspot was rebooted
Over limit User exceeded upload or download data limit