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Add our Hotspot gateway to improve your Wi-Fi Hotspot:

  •  •  Plug & play installation with easy to use wizard
  •  •  Display a login page with your logo and adverts
  •  •  Require use of individual or group login codes
  •  •  Credit card & PayPal billing and reporting
  •  •  Built-in firewall
  •  •  Illegal downloads and websites can be blocked
  •  •  Speed control shares bandwidth
  •  •  Access can be blocked outside of business hours
  •  •  No extra charges or monthly fees
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Hotspot Custom Login Pages

Show a Login Page

Your Login page is the first thing your guests will see when they connect to your network and is a great opportunity to introduce yourself.

Fully customisable to meet your needs.

Hotspot Social Media Login

Social Media Login

Trying to increase your social media presence?

The GIS units feature Facebook Login, allowing you to prompt users to "like" and "share" your pages, and allows you to collect user account details.

Hotspot Login Codes

Login Tokens

Using login codes you can take control of your guests' internet access, limiting time, bandwidth and data per guest.

You can also block access and limit the number of devices your guest can connect.

Monetize your Hotspot Wi-Fi

Monetize your Internet

The GIS units allow an autonomous way of charging your users for internet access.

Guests can pay for internet access via PayPal® or Credit/Debit card, handled by the GIS unit.

Choose up to 10 different pricing levels with different time, bandwidth and data limits.

Public Hotspot made more secure

Content Filter and Control

Manage your users to take control of your internet.

Block abusive users, monitor their usage, see user trends and device.

Content filter for blocking websites or categories of websites.

GIS Cloud

GIS Cloud

With the GIS Cloud service you can manage devices and guest access remotely.

Simply log into your account and see usage status, create codes, modify settings and more.