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Sign up for a free account using your GIS unit serial number and see the benefits of using the cloud.

Unlike other cloud based systems, your GIS unit will continue to run without access to the Cloud making it more resilient to outages.

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*Cloud functionality may not be available on older hardware

Cloud Management

The GIS Cloud permits any customer to log into their personal portal from anywhere, then monitor and manage all of their GIS products.

GIS Cloud Dashboard Page
GIS Cloud Login Page

A Cloud account is free

When a new GIS product is being installed it will give the option to create a new Cloud account or register the product with an existing Cloud account. Then access the Cloud portal to monitor and manage the product.

The Cloud is optional

Connect a computer to the network and open the browser to access the GIS GUI for monitoring and configuring the product. However most customers prefer to use the Cloud for product management.

GIS unit connect GIS Cloud
GIS Cloud Network

Manage remotely

Access any GIS product from anywhere by logging in to the personal portal. No need to modify network settings, no need to configure port forwarding.

The power of the Cloud

The GIS Cloud gives access to one or to many GIS products, there is no limit to the number of products that can be monitored and managed using the Cloud portal, and no limit to network growth.

GIS Cloud Network2
GIS Cloud Logs Page

Manage many as one

The GIS Cloud permits many products to be managed as one group. Look at the groups stats, change the group settings. It’s like having one big GIS product spread over many locations.

The Cloud advantage

The Cloud portal can send an email alarm when any product fails to connect to the Cloud, to facilitate support and maintenance.

GIS Cloud Interface
GIS Cloud access in any device

Manage on the go

The GIS Cloud portal can be accessed from a 4G tablet or smartphone. Get warnings and correct problems 24 x 7 x 365

Managed services

IT service providers appreciate the value of the GIS Cloud as the ideal platform to offer managed services for their customers.

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