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Managed WiFi Solutions for Schools and Colleges

Although Internet access is a must for school curricula the service must be locked down with ‘parental controls’ that prevent students getting access websites that promote content which is unacceptable within the school environment. Guest Internet gateways provide those ‘parental controls’.


  • •  High performance Internet gateways that are simple to install
  • •  Plug and play: the easy to use wizard speeds installation
  • •  Custom login page with client branding, choose from 12 backdrops or create your own design
  • •  Protect with the built-in disclaimer; the legal disclaimer can be edited
  • •  Seven login options are available
  • •  Authenticated access uses codes that are generated and managed on the unit
  • •  A firewall protects the business network from hackers with PCI DSS compliance
  • •  Master bandwidth control, and individual bandwidth settings for each code
  • •  Content filtering is available to ensure a family friendly Internet service
  • •  Monitor Internet utilization through comprehensive reports
  • •  Access code API for PoS and PMS applications
  • •  Remote access and configuration
  • •  Free Cloud management service

GIS Cloud Login Page

It is very important that the school can block peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing software to ensure that the school is not held responsible for copyright infringement. Data download speeds are also regulated to share the Internet resources between all students.

The Guest Internet gateway protects students from the undesirable parts of the Internet, and protects the school when students try to share copyrighted material.

The school can use the Guest Internet gateway to control access to the Internet. Each student is issued with an access code that is tied to the students computer. The access code determines the time that the student can use the Internet. Reports also show each students Internet usage. The school can also use the gateway custom login feature to prepare a home page for the school, and advertise events via the login page.

You might wonder "why do I need a Hotspot gateway? What are the benefits?"
We are here to help you!

Why do I need a Hotspot gateway?

If you offer or are planning to offer Internet access to your visitors, you will need to ensure that your network is protected and everyone has access to the Internet without any visitors using the service unfairly.

A Hotspot gateway is a device that provides authentication, authorization and accounting for a wired or wireless network.

The Gateway has different types of access methods which are selected according to the business' requirements in order to control who has access to the network:

  • •  User agrees to the terms and conditions of use
  • •  Business provides a code (paid or free) to the user
  • •  User provides personal information (e.g. name, phone number, email address...) in order to connect to the Internet
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What are the benefits of Guest Internet Hotspot gateway?

Guest Internet is market leading Internet Hotspot Gateway with content control.
Our low cost Internet Hotspot Gateway has no extra charges or monthly fees and provides the following:

  • •  Easy to install and manage
  • •  Free lifetime support
  • •  Promote your brand with a custom login page
  • •  Protect your network against malicious users
  • •  Fully manage public Internet access
  •  -  Different types of login (agree with disclaimer, email login, and login with a code)
  •  -  Setting limits to all the users or to individual codes - time limit, speed limit and data limit
  • •  Manage your units remotely with a free Cloud service
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Guest Internet at a glance

Guest Internet products are completely web based, easy to setup, install and manage.

Hotspot Login Page

The GIS units offer 3 custom login page options:
•  One of the 12 default background images can be selected when setting up the unit
•  Upload a JPG image for a custom background
•  Fully customized web page - for more information, please click here.

GIS admin interface

The admin interface is very easy to use, when you first install the unit, the wizard will guide you through the setup process.
We also have and online documentation that can help you at any point, from setting up and configuring to more advanced settings.
You can see our documentation here.

GIS - Cloud Interface

The GIS Cloud gives access to one or to many GIS products to be managed remotely, there is no limit to the number of products that can be monitored and managed using the Cloud portal, and no limit to network growth.
For more information on the GIS Cloud, click here.

Our solution for Schools and Colleges

Hotspot Gateway GIS-R6
  • •  Gateway supports multiple wireless access points
  • •  200Mb/s throughput
  • •  Peer to peer P2P blocking that prevents illegal file downloads
  • •  Content filtering and blocking of adult websites
View GIS-R6
Hotspot Gateway GIS-R10
  • •  Gateway supports multiple wireless access points
  • •  Peer to peer P2P blocking that prevents illegal file downloads
  • •  Content filtering and blocking of adult websites
  • •  Dual WAN throughput up to 400Mb/s, with load balance and failover for high reliability
View GIS-R10
Hotspot Gateway GIS-R40
  • •  Gateway supports multiple wireless access points
  • •  Peer to peer P2P blocking that prevents illegal file downloads
  • •  Content filtering and blocking of adult websites
  • •  Failsafe operation, Quad WAN throughput up to 1000Mb/s, with load balance and failover for high reliability
View GIS-R40