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WiFi Hotspots for a Guest Internet Service

Features that a WiFi Hotspot Service Should Have to Manage Guest Use

A method of ensuring that the Internet service is used exclusively by customers: this can be done by generating access codes for customers.

A flexible and customizable login page that can be used to advertise the business: link to the business website in a ‘walled garden’.

After login take the customer to the business website: encourage the customer to return with some ‘special offer’.

Control the data speeds of each customer to ensure that the ISP bandwidth is shared: one customer hogging the bandwidth will cause others to complain.

It may be necessary to block access to streaming video websites in order to share the available bandwidth.

Use the login page or website to facilitate the customer posting a favorable review on social media or other channel.

Firewall protection to prevent hackers accessing the business network.

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Guest WiFi can be an asset for many businesses and used to improve the engagement with the customer.

For some businesses like hospitality, WiFi Internet is a necessity and the quality of the WiFi is usually posted as the first item in any review or feedback.

The business WiFI can have many benefits. For some businesses it can be part of a retail marketing strategy. For other businesses it can be an additional revenue stream.

For many businesses, the only opportunity to communicate with a customer is through the guest WiFi Hotspot. A good example of this opportunity is available for restaurants. Restaurant guests are anonymous and so the restaurant has no opportunity to market itself to past visitors. Many restaurants offer a discount voucher for the next visit when the guest requests via the WiFi service. The guest provides an email address and the voucher is sent to that email at the end of the day. The has two benefits, the restaurant has the email for subsequent marketing, and the guest is encouraged to return again.

Some business that are at remote locations where there is no mobile phone coverage can sell Internet access with the WiFi service. Such businesses include RV parks, campgrounds and marinas.Even businesses that have good mobile coverage can generate revenue from the Internet WiFi service. For example, some hotels will offer a 2-tier Internet service, free Internet with limited speed and then charge for fast Internet. For guests who can claim business expenses and have to download and upload larger volumes of data the high speed service is a bonus.

There are many businesses that offer a range of services. For example travel destinations might offer services. Fishing, scuba diving, kayaking, white water rafting and zip line rides are just a few of the additional attractions that might be offered. Use the hospitality WiFI service to ensure that guests are aware of the additional attractions, and provide a means of making a reservation via the login page.

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