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Managed WiFi for airbnb hosts

Essential managed WiFi requirements for airbnb hosts

Reliable High Speed Internet Access is essential.

Easy to install and operate, no special skills are required.

The Internet service can be configured for the airbnb requirements.

A login page can be easily customized with options that the host requires.

Optional 2-tier Internet service for guests with a free slow speed service and a fast high-speed service charged via the guests credit card.

Block hackers with a PCI compliant firewall to protect the service at all times.

Provides remote data traffic information so the host can supervise Internet use.

There are no limits of use; the host with several properties can install at each location and manage all through one Cloud screen.

The Cloud administration system is free to use, there are no additional charge.

Free support and software updates; no additional charges.

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GIS Cloud Login Page

Airbnb considers a WiFi hotspot service to be an essential requirement for all properties, and classifies WiFi speeds into four categories. Airbnb provides an app for hosts to measure the WiFi Internet speed and requires each host to publish the WiFi Internet speed at the property.

Airbnb hosts also have to protect themselves against any guest tampering with the property WiFi. Guest Internet managed WiFi permits hosts to install the WiFi in a secure location at the property and managed the service remotely using the free Guest Internet Cloud service.

Airbnb hosts are accustomed to providing the same WiFi WPA2 encryption key to all guests, which will eventually mean that people other than guests will have access to the property WiFi.

With Guest Internet managed WiFi the host can provide a unique login code for each guest, where the code is valid only for the duration of the guests stay at the property. A host with several properties can manage the WiFi service of each using the Cloud service.

Hosts can manage the WiFi service using many control parameters; for example they can determine how many people can use the service, or set the maximum data speeds per user. Where the Internet service is unreliable and continuous service is important Guest Internet can connect to two different ISP services and combine the speeds to provide a faster service. On failure of one ISP service users are transferred to the ISP service that is functional. Properties at remote locations without an ISP service can use Guest Internet to connect to a satellite service such as a geo-stationary antenna from HughesNet, or the low earth orbit (LEO) antenna available from Starlink.

Airbnb hosts can contact the Guest Internet support service to find out more about providing a managed WiFi service for guests.

Call 1-800-213-0106 or write to: for more information