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Adventure travel includes WiFi Hotspot Internet

Essential requirements for a travel destination Internet service

Reliable High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) is essential for visitors.

Easy to install and operate, no special skills are required.

A login page that can be easily customized with seven different login options.

Three methods to sell Internet access; on-line credit card payment, printing and sale of vouchers and point-of-sale (PoS) using the Guest Internet receipt printer.

Optional 2-tier login with free slow Internet and a charged high-speed service.

Block hackers with a PCI compliant firewall.

Provides information about Internet use.

There are no limits of use and no on-going charges.

Shares a satellite Internet service between many users.

Free Cloud administration is available to manage the service remotely.

Free support and software updates; no additional charges.

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Adventure travel destinations include campgrounds, RV parks, caravan parks in Europe and marinas for boaters. Adventure travelers seek Internet access because most want to interact with others on social media, to upload their photos to Facebook, maintain a travel diary for others to read, and plan their travels. Adventure travel locations are great to relax but not so great for Internet access; often with no mobile phone service and possibly no DSL service to the site.

When the campground or RV park administration has no local connection to the Internet then satellite services are an alternative and widely installed at campground and RV sites. The HughesNet geo-stationary service has been available for several years and is the most popular service. However Starlink is becoming available providing a faster Internet service.

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Guest Internet gateway products are often installed by adventure travel destinations as they are used to share the Internet connection between many visitors and also monetize the Internet service by providing three methods that the administration can use to charge for the service. Consult Guest Internet for a free assessment of the Internet requirements for your site.

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