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Mobile broadband providers can now build a cellular WiFi network with roaming

Mobile broadband using cellular WiFi with roaming

The network of multiple wireless sites is managed using the free Guest Internet Cloud service.

Methods of selling the mobile broadband service include on-line credit card payment and voucher printing for cash sales; the Cloud has a voucher printing service.

A customer can login to any antenna with the access code, and can move from one antenna to the next as the cloud manages the handoff process.

Each antenna in the network can connect via a different ISP, there is no requirement to have all antennas connected to the same ISP service.

Install Guest Internet wireless products or install any wireless product connected to a Guest Internet gateway.

Cellular WiFi roaming using Cloud handoff technology was developed by Guest Internet and is not available from other manufacturers.

Free support and software updates; no additional charges.

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Mobile broadband service providers now have access to cellular WiFi technology with roaming. Build a WiFi wireless network that functions just like a mobile phone network, providing Internet data access with roaming between wireless towers for any mobile phone using WiFi. The roaming configuration has four options to suite the mobile broadband provider.

The powerful Guest Internet wireless products are managed by the free Cloud service that is used to generate access code vouchers with selectable rate-plan characteristics, administrate on-line credit card billing and supervise the handoff process as each customer moves from one antenna to the next. The customer can move from one wireless antenna to another and stay connected while moving. The Cloud management transfers the customer with automatic handoff.

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