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Guest Internet Cloud: New Features

Guest Internet Cloud features

The Cloud service is free for Guest Internet gateway customers.

Manage a Guest Internet gateway remotely.

There is no limit to the number of gateways added to an account.

Manage many gateways as groups and generate access codes for groups, any gateway in the group will authenticate the code.

Access codes can be printed as vouchers in a 4x4 format on letter paper for “Internet-por-ficha” applications.

The cloud manages a cellular WiFi network with roaming with a handoff process as a users moves from one antenna to the next so users are not disconnected from the Internet.

Many mobile broadband Internet service providers use the Cloud service to deliver Internet access to their customers.

Free support and software updates; no additional charges.

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GIS Cloud Login Page

The Guest Internet cloud is free for gateway customers to use. The user interface provides the capability to manage an unlimited number of products that are assigned to an unlimited number of groups. Each group can be managed independently.

The Cloud has important new features for mobile broadband service providers.

Voucher generation and printing for group login codes is a new feature where codes can be printed in a 4x4 format on any letter printer, or downloaded as a CSV file for printing onto scratch cards. The login codes can be authenticated by any gateway that is assigned to the group.

The Cloud provides a design tool to customize the voucher appearance. Applications for the voucher printing include mobile broadband service providers and businesses that provide an Internet service for guests.

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GIS Cloud Login Page

A new and important Cloud feature is the management of a cellular wireless network with handoff of users from one antenna to the next. Four roaming modes can be configured for flexibility and a cellular network with roaming can be built in a town or city to provide mobile broadband access for thousands of users. A cellular WiFi network can be easily built and provide service where no other alternatives are available.

The Guest Internet Cloud incorporates new diagnostic tools that are available to Guest Internet support engineers to solve network implementation issues.

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