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Email messages for monitoring and payments can be sent via the GIS servers, so configuration is simple.

Vouchers with access codes can be printed in a 4x4 format using any letter printer. Print up to 10,000 vouchers at one time. Perfect for Internet-por-ficha-applications.

VLAN for dual wireless SSID provides guests and staff with separate access over one wireless network saving hotel installation cost.

Mobile broadband providers can build a cellular WiFi network with roaming for a town or city.

Backhaul to the Internet through satellite providers with latency adjustment.

Performance improvements, faster user interface with greater throughput for each model.

New diagnostic tools for our support staff that are activated through the customers cloud account.

Free support and software updates; no additional charges.

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Many GIS customers have older products; some are up to 12 years old. Unfortunately the older products cannot be upgraded to the latest firmware. Guest Internet is offering a product upgrade discount to all current GIS customers so that they can purchase products with the latest software.

The upgrade will be offered with a discount on the purchase of a new product when the customer proves ownership of an older product by providing a serial number. One upgrade per serial number is allowed. The upgrade must be a product of the same type, e.g. if the customer has a GIS-R2 then the upgrade must be for a GIS-R2. Products that are no longer manufactured, (e.g. GIS-R8), can be replaced by an adjacent model, GIS-R6 or GIS-R10. An older GIS-K1 wireless product can be upgraded to any current wireless product, K1/K3/K5/K7.

A customer who wants to take advantage of the upgrade must provide proof of ownership to qualify for an upgrade discount as follows;

- Open a support ticket via the GIS website, request an upgrade.

- Provide the model number, the product serial number and the current firmware version.

- Provide the customers contact via email, phone and the shipping address.

- The serial numbers provided will be stored in a database for subsequent verification as requests are received.

The customer’s information will be noted and passed to the appropriate distributor to provide the upgraded product.

- Syscom for Mexico, Central and South America.

- Flytec Computers for North America and the Caribbean.

- WISPzone for the rest of the world.

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